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[Clearance Stock] Jolly Homemade Soy Sauce Sets

[Clearance Stock] Jolly Homemade Soy Sauce Sets
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[Clearance Stock] Jolly Homemade Soy Sauce Sets
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[Clearance Stock] Jolly Homemade Soy Sauce Sets

Set Include:

  • ML Food Soy Sauce】Tradition Premium Light *325ml
  • ML Food Soy SauceSupreme Thick Soy Sauce *300ml
  •  FREE Pics NoodleHandmade Noodle *2 packs 

PICS Homemade Noodles (100g x 2 packs)

A traditional homemade noodles.

  • 100% Natural Ingredient
  • No Preservative
  • No Food Additive
  • No Coloring
  • No MSG

How to cook:

Dry : Put an appropriate scallion oil in a bowl, add the noodles and stir together. You can add the ingredients according to your preference and enjoy it.

Soap: Put the noodles in the bowl, add the soup and ingredients. Enjoy it.

ML Food Soy Sauce

Why buy ML Food Soy Sauce? Our soy sauce are naturally brewed using traditional methods with basic ingredients: non-GMO soya bean, cane sugar, wheat flour, sea salt and filtered water. Strictly no added coloring, flavor enhancers and preservatives. A delicious and healthy substitute for chemical filled oyster and other artificial flavored sauce. 

Tradition Premium Light (325ml)

Ideal for dipping, cooking vegetables or steaming fish. Light and fragrant aroma that is very versatile in the kitchen

Supreme Thick Soy Sauce (300ml)

Designed as a substitute for chemical filled oyster and other artificial flavoured sauce. It is considered as a very 'old' ('lauchou') sauce as it is fermented for more than two years. Ideal for frying/stewing. Best combination to use with AA soy sauce.


  • Non-GMO Soy Beans 
  • Cane Sugar 
  • Sea Salt 
  • Roasted wheat Flour 
  • Filtered water

Expiry Date: Dec 2022

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