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About Us

Jolly Belly FM is an initiative by Absolute Group of Companies. It is an idea to help local businesses and communities that is suffering from the recent pandemic. We strongly believe in making local businesses stays in business.

This e-platform is created to put together these local businesses with the aim to create a healthy community and to support “Homegrown Brand” by promoting the unique products from local farmers to home chefs and SMEs.

A little bit about the Absolute Group of Companies, we started off as an event company that thrives in creating inspiring moments! With our expertise and our finest team, plus the state-of-the-art technology, Absolute team has always stood out in the crowd in delivering an outstanding result.

We are ever eager in creating solid blueprints; then putting all our effort in delivering an impactful event to the community and beyond. We aimed to instil the spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

Jolly Belly FM是一项由Absolute公司集团所发起的计划。这个创意之举旨在协助于早前疫情中,面对重重挑战的本地社群和商家。我们坚信这份棉力,将让本地商家站稳脚步、再拓商机。