Children are like seeds. 

Teacher is the gardener. 

She placed the seeds carefully in the soil, 

watered it and patiently waited for it to be grown vigorously. 

Every teacher has the same mission - to guide the children without hesitation. They teach and be the best mentor to every batch of students who are under their care. Do you still remember your favourite teacher during your childhood? We might not remember their name and faces. However, there’s one thing that would be with us forever - their guidance and kindness to us. 

During the Teacher's Day celebration, we always thought this day was a day for snacks, parties and carnival. In fact, this is a day to appreciate and express your gratefulness to the teachers. If you have noticed, every teacher would be busy decorating the classroom and preparing food for us, even if it's their day. As the paragon of virtue, they filled us with  knowledge, widened our vision and were the best listener if you needed her. One thing we could see from their faces and hearts - their intelligence, kind and helpful mind. 

If you are still connected with a teacher whom you deeply respect, send her your wishes and regards on this Teacher’s Day. Share with her your new knowledge, new experiences and life updates to let her know that she actually did a good job in guiding the children. Now, the seeds she watered have grown into a big tree. 

Cherish every single person who enters your life, no matter good or bad. Their existence always came with a lesson in shaping you into a better person. On this day, thanks to the perfect gardener for watering the seeds full of passion, kindness and knowledge. Thank you, the dearest and beloved teacher. Happy Teacher’s Day.