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Seven Tea One

Seven Tea One creates beautifully handcrafted healthy infusion teas using all-Malaysian herbs, spices and flowers, cookies, dried fruits and natural handmade soaps in celebration of inclusivity for differently-abled and marginalised communities.


They source as much of their ingredients as possible from small-scale family-run urban farms and community gardens. All their teas are rich in traditional health properties, vegan-friendly and are processed with no chemicals, no preservatives and contain no caffeine.

Almond Cranberries Biscotti Seven Tea One is an accredited Malaysians for Malaysians social enterprise which provides a safe, inclusive and non-discriminatory platform for differently-abled and marginalised communities to earn dignified incomes. While the world poses different challenges to dif..
Herbal Infusion Tea LeavesSeven Tea One is proudly a Malaysians for Malaysians social enterprise which provides a safe, inclusive and non-discriminatory platform for differently abled and marginalized communities to earn dignified income. Our infusion teas are beautifully handcrafted from freshly ..
Gluten-Free CookiesAt Seven Tea One, our gluten-free cookies are vegan friendly. Recipes made from selection of premium ingredients and bake into perfection for your eating pleasureThis product is gluten-free and vegan-friendly cookies which consist NO dairy products, NO yeast, NO soy, NO egg, NO ca..
Seven Tea OneDried Fruits At seven tea one, our dried fruits are made from natural fresh fruits and dehydrated under controlled environment to maintain the original taste of the fruits and preserve its nutritional values.Our dried fruits contained 100 % natural fruits, NO chemical, NO..
Seven Tea OneHandmade SoapAt seven tea one, our natural handmade soaps recipes are delicately formulated with selected premium natural ingredients through a lengthy curing process to produce a mild, skin-nourishing soap that is suitable for all skin types and giving your skin feeling clean, soft and..
Pineapple TartMade of 100% natural pineapplesIngredients:Self raising flour, corn flour, milk powder,  icing sugar, butter, eggs, saltSize: 9 pieces..
Premium Nutty TartsBaked to perfection with premium nuts like almond, cashew, walnut, hazel and selected seeds.100% handmade.Ingredient:Almond, cashew nuts, walnut, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, butter, whipping cream, honey, sugar, eggs, wheat flourSize: 9 pieces..
Childhood CookiesAll time favourite, baked to perfection using traditional recipes.IngredientsChocolate chipwheat flour, baking soda, baking powder, cocoa powder, sugar, butter, eggs, chocolate chips, almond nids, oat.Butter cookies salted butter, icing sugar, wheat flour, vanilla essencePeanut..
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