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Brand: Jolly Belly
Covid-19 Canvas Tote Bag100% brand new and hight qualityKorean design"Stop Covid-19" word as displaySimply Casualand TrendyHigh Quality Material CanvasSimple Design with Easy Mix and MatchUltralight and durableSuitable for outing, shopping, working, school and etc.Color: Black and WhiteSize: 57cm x ..
Ex Tax:RM28.00
3D Shaping, Hydrating & Firming Collengen Mask (8 in 1)Benefits:- Provide uplifting, hydrating and repairing to skin- Improve skin suppleness and elasticity                                        ..
Ex Tax:RM96.00
Brand: ArctaPHOS
ArctaPHOS4 in 1 Beauty Kit Try our products with this 4-in-1 trial kit! Gift yourself or your loved ones with the 1st Skincare Range in Malaysia that reduces the damaging effects of blue light on the skin.Beauty Kit include:Cleanser 3 in 1Tonic LotionMulti-protect Day MoisturizerNight RepairSki..
Ex Tax:RM99.00
ML Food Soy Sauce - Traditional Chinese Bean Paste Why buy ML Food Soy Sauce? Our soy sauce are naturally brewed using traditional methods with basic ingredients: non-GMO soya bean, cane sugar, wheat flour, sea salt and filtered water. Strictly no added coloring, flavor enhancers and prese..
Ex Tax:RM12.70
Brand: Jolly Belly
Callfo Anion Protection Mask PM 2.5 Effective Filtering, 5 layers Layer Protection- enable to release negative ionsHigh AnionEnvironmental FriendlyWashable and reusable Suitable for adults and children. Tested by Zhejiang Light Industrial Products Inspection & Research Instit..
Ex Tax:RM60.00
Aroma Stone Aroma Stone
Brand: DECember
DECember Aroma Stone (FREE Tea Tree Oil)Pre-order RequiresAroma stone is made by special powder, there is not heat or fire required to light up. Just 3-5 drops of your preferred essential oil on the aroma stone to helps diffuse the fragrance, easy to use.Aroma Stone gently diffuse essential&nbs..
Ex Tax:RM25.00
Brand: Benns Ethicoa
Benns Ethicoa Artisan Cacao TeaOrigin:1. Sungai Ruan, Malaysia 2. Vung Tau, Vietnam  Warm, soothing tea that tastes like a piece of good quality dark chocolate? That's cacao tea! Made using the husk and nibs of the cacao bean, cacao tea is a delight for most c..
Ex Tax:RM25.00
Brand: ArctaPHOS
(Cleanser 3 in 1 + Multi-protect Day Moisturizer + GWP Massager)Gift yourself or your loved ones with the 1st Skincare Range in Malaysia that reduces the damaging effects of blue light on the skin. Slough off dead skin to reveal a smooth, supple complexion with ArctaPHOS Aurora Concept, which comes ..
Ex Tax:RM188.00
Brand: ArctaPHOS
Tonic Lotion +Night Repair + GWP MassagerExperience the spectacular illumination of the northern lights — combined with the latest advances of euro biotechnology — to unveil a natural, glowing complexion. Slough off dead skin to reveal a smooth, supple complexion with arctaphos aurora concept, which..
Ex Tax:RM198.00
Brand: Magic Kitchen
Magic Kitchen Authentic Caramel KayaIngredient: Fresh Coconut milk, Fresh Egg, Fresh pandan leave, Organic Cane Sugar Weight : +-200gmShelflife: 3 months, after open need keep refrigerated finish between a week. Packaging: Glass Jar..
Ex Tax:RM15.00
Baby WashMild and nutritious formula for baby, can wash from head to toe. Avocado Oil : Avocado oil contains a high percentage of Vitamin E, as well as potassium, lecithin, and many other nutrients which can nourish and moisturize your skin. The oleic acid also promotes collagen production, whi..
Ex Tax:RM38.00
留夏味道 liúxiàwèidàoBelgium Dark Chocolate Cookies  100% Homemade Cookies.Ingredient: Dark chocolate, Flour, Cane sugar, Almond nibsShelf Life: 2 MonthsPackaging: Pastic JarSize: Small : 120g +-           Large: 260g +-&nbs..
Ex Tax:RM18.00
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