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Brand: Jolly Belly
Covid-19 Canvas Tote Bag100% brand new and hight qualityKorean design"Stop Covid-19" word as displaySimply Casualand TrendyHigh Quality Material CanvasSimple Design with Easy Mix and MatchUltralight and durableSuitable for outing, shopping, working, school and etc.Color: Black and WhiteSize: 57cm x ..
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Brand: Jolly Belly
Callfo Anion Protection Mask PM 2.5 Effective Filtering, 5 layers Layer Protection- enable to release negative ionsHigh AnionEnvironmental FriendlyWashable and reusable Suitable for adults and children. Tested by Zhejiang Light Industrial Products Inspection & Research Instit..
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Brand: Jolly Belly
Button Sewing BoxFashionable and beautiful box design.6 items in a box includes:24 assorted needles Needle threaderThimbleSoft measuring tapeScissorsStorage box 18 sewing thread (assorted colours)Size: 13cm x 13cm x 6.5cmWeight: 200g产品用途:这款针线盒在外观上采用纽扣造型,剪刀及辅料有序排放,18卷线整齐收纳,一目了然。材料..
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Brand: Medella
MEDELLA Coconut Detergent Soap Bar (set of 6 bars)Detergent laundry bars that are made from coconut oil make for great stain removers and have great cleaning properties. It does not have any scent added to it. If you wish to make your own laundry soap, this is the best soap to use in your recipe. Do..
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Brand: Medella
MEDELLACOCONUT SHELL BOWLHand-crafted to perfection with zero waste in mind; these all-natural coconut shell bowls are made from discarded coconut shells which are by-products in the production of virgin coconut oil, coconut flour and desiccated coconut flakes. Our bowls are finished with coconut oi..
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Brand: Jolly Belly
Insulated Eco Lunch BagColour: White, Pink, BlueWeight: 0.5kg..
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Jolly Designer Tiffin Carrier Jolly Designer Tiffin Carrier
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Brand: Jolly Belly
Jolly Designer Tiffin Carrier Product Description:We hope you like this designer tiffin carrier, it: • Helps reducing the usage of plastic containers and bags • Improves food safety as not all plastics are safe • Make take-out a fashionable and trendy things to do Size : 3 Tier, 14cm..
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Brand: Jolly Belly
Wheat Fiber Square Lunch BoxDetails: .Natural & Eco-friendly with wheat fiber.Leak proof design with elastic sealing ring.More convenient with cutlery attaching on a lid.2 compartments can be separate the food.Available in microwaveNotice: Lids are not advisable to use in microwaveSize: 600..
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