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Natural Remedy

Natural Remedy
Bird's Nest DrinkAccording to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, bird's nest is flat, and it is a kind of nourishing sacred product that belongs to the lungs, kidneys and stomach. Since ancient times, bird's nest has been regarded as a beauty-enhancing product, and contains epidermal growth..
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Brand: ColorFruits
ColorFruitsBlossom Fruit TeaIngredients :Pineapple, Apple, Pear, Kiwi, Dragon Fruit, Orange, Starfruit, Lime, Lemon, Passion Fruit,Butterfly Pea, French Rose, Crataegi Fructus, Jasmine Flower, Osmanthus.Note: we may change the fruits without prior notice, subject to the fruits and flowers ava..
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Ginger plays a huge role in Chinese home remedies, especially in winter and summer seasons. Generally, it helps with the below benefits:Fight against coldRelieve menstrual discomfortRelieve morning sicknessAddress indigestion & flatulenceStrengthen immunity & nourish bloodWarms body & re..
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Ejiao Cake [CCA Thins] Ejiao Cake [CCA Thins]
Brand: Sang Gu
1. How to consume?Just tear off the packaging and eat, SIMPLE AS THAT 2. IngredientColla Corii Asini (CCA), Red Date, Walnut, Black Sesame, Brown Sugar, Goji Berry, Rice Wine3. Shelf LifeYou can keep 3 months in room temperature, up to 6 months if you keep in the refrigerator~4. Which packaging..
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Brand: Herbs n Fruit
Ginger Garlic Vinegar Lemon Honey Tonic [295ml]. This formulation contains traditional herbs which work in synergy in Heart Health. The natural ingredients which are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties make a powerful home remedy tonic to bring out your healthier side. it is a..
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Ginger PasteGinger Paste is an ancient herbal remedy for a host of ailments.Protective against heart disease Improve blood circulationAlleviate headaches, Menstrual crampsSore musclesImmune supportCancer preventionImprove blood sugar control Ingredient: Fresh Ginger, Brown Sugar, Red ..
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Brand: Naosu
NaosuHealthy Herbal TeaNaosu is carefully crafted to create a perfectly balanced blend of herbal infusion that are both unique and healthy. Each flavour is designed with a speciafic function in mind and freshly brewed for you with no artificial colouring, sweetener or flavouring.Whitening Rose Tea&n..
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Brand: Seven Tea One
Herbal Infusion Tea LeavesSeven Tea One is proudly a Malaysians for Malaysians social enterprise which provides a safe, inclusive and non-discriminatory platform for differently abled and marginalized communities to earn dignified income. Our infusion teas are beautifully handcrafted from freshly ..
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Brand: Herbs n Fruit
Homemade Ginger Tea with Jujube, Goji Berry & Molasses 300gm This aromatic handmade No-Sugar-Added herbal drink is specially made with health-conscious customers in mind. It is made using only fresh and natural ingredients without a single drop of chemical additives.  It will only be m..
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Wildflower HoneyNett Weight: 300g (15 sticks, 20g per stick)Ingredient: 100% Pure Wildflower HoneyUSP: Enzyme 12+ ActivityLovoury Wildflower Honey is lovingly collected and specially selected by our expert beekeepers. Every drop of our special honey has complex antibacterial properties, essential nu..
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Brand: Herbs n Fruit
Lemon Chuan Bei Tangerine Tea Paste [340g] This refreshing Lemon Chuan Bei Tea is homemade using all-natural, organic ingredients, without a single drop of chemical additives and preservatives. It is effectively and traditionaly used for : Treating cough Reduce phlegm Improve dig..
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Natural Beautifying Beverage Premix Natural Beautifying Beverage Premix
-30 %
Beauty CottageNatural Beautifying Beverage Premix [15g x 20 packs]Natural Beautifying Beverage Premix extract is from fish scale,  is it depend on the vegetarian .Skin Firming, Repairing & Anti-Aging, Promote the Beauty & Health of Hair, Skin Moisturizing, Hydrating & Smoo..
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