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Taste of Malaysia

Brand: MMJ
MMJ Coconut candy MMJ traditional handmade coconut candy using traditional candy wrappers , full fragrance of coconut,  pure & natural health candy ~ Coconut candy is in everyone's childhood.How to keep: Room temperature , do not exposed under the sun or you may keep in refrigerator to..
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Brand: MMJ
MMJ crispy sesame biscuit is fully handmade. It comes with 48 pieces individual packing.Over the past 50 years, MMJ eagerly strike for quality products, after several times of R&D. This improved crispy sesame biscuit has better mouthfeel. It keeps the traditional taste and infuses healthier conc..
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Handmade Noodles100% Handmade Noodles with own "RECIPE", No preservatives. Wanton Noodle make fully with Duck Egg / Chicken Egg / Chicken Egg together with Spinach, without water make the Noodle more Chewy. 1 box consist of 6 portion, comes with Shallot Oil & Black Sauce and ..
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Brand: MMJ
MMJIpoh Kopi OIpoh MMJ Kopi O also known as Hainan Coffee features a strong coffee aroma, highly recommend to all coffee lover. Each pack comes with 20 individual sachets and sugar. You can adjust the sweetness according your taste. Ingredients: Coffee Bean, Sugar, Margarine, SaltWeight:&n..
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Brand: MMJ
MMJ SachimaMMJ Sachima is fully handmade.The main low-sugar malt Sachima USES natural maltose production products are handmade by MMJ 100% without adding.MMJ Sachima has been deoiled, and make for order.Ingredients: Flour, Egg, White Sugar, Maltose, Vegetable Oil, SaltWeight: 230-240gm+-Shelf L..
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Brand: Pics Noodles
Traditional Homemade NoodlesA traditional homemade noodles.100% Natural IngredientNo PreservativeNo Food AdditiveNo ColoringNo MSGHow to cook:Dry : Put an appropriate scallion oil in a bowl, add the noodles and stir together. You can add the ingredients according to your preference and enjoy it.Soap..
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