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Wisdom in a Jar

Wisdom in a Jar
ML Food Soy Sauce - Traditional Chinese Bean Paste Why buy ML Food Soy Sauce? Our soy sauce are naturally brewed using traditional methods with basic ingredients: non-GMO soya bean, cane sugar, wheat flour, sea salt and filtered water. Strictly no added coloring, flavor enhancers and prese..
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Brand: Magic Kitchen
Magic Kitchen Authentic Caramel KayaIngredient: Fresh Coconut milk, Fresh Egg, Fresh pandan leave, Organic Cane Sugar Weight : +-200gmShelflife: 3 months, after open need keep refrigerated finish between a week. Packaging: Glass Jar..
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Bird's Nest DrinkAccording to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, bird's nest is flat, and it is a kind of nourishing sacred product that belongs to the lungs, kidneys and stomach. Since ancient times, bird's nest has been regarded as a beauty-enhancing product, and contains epidermal growth..
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OMG Nuts Butter Black Sesame Peanut ButterHomemade 100% Natural, Salt free, Refined Sugar Free, Oil Free, No Preservatives. Freshly make once you’re placed an order. Product: Black Sesame Peanut Butter No Sugar/Less Sugar Size: 380g/230g How long can it keep? Can last 2 -3 m..
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Brand: Song's Deli
Calamansi Juice【Song's Deli】 Calamansi Juice is fully handmade & 100% pure. You have multiple ways to enjoy it. * As beverage * Use it in cooking to prepare sweet & sour dishes. Or anything you can imagine. * Consume it as bread-spread or add it to your dessert to add flavor.&..
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Brand: Herbs n Fruit
Cinnamon Jam Spread [220g]This healthy yet delicious, aromatic Apple Cinnamon Jam is specially formulated and handmade with health-conscious customers in mind. Made using 100% natural ingredients without a single drop of chemical additives, preservatives and coloring. It is available in 2 options : ..
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OMG Nuts Butter Classic Peanut ButterHomemade 100% Natural, Sugar Free, Salt free, Oil Free, No Preservatives. Freshly make once you’re placed an order. Product: Peanut Butter [Sugar Free / Less Sugar]Option: 1.Chunky/Creamy Size: 230g/ 380g How long can it keep? Can last 2 -3 mo..
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OMG Nuts Butter Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter [Sugar Free]Homemade 100% Natural, Sugar Free, Salt free, Oil Free, No Preservatives. Freshly make once you’re placed an order. Product: Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Sugar Free How long can it keep? Can last 2 -3 months in the roo..
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Brand: Bear Cuisine
Product details:3 levels spiciness: Original, Extra Spicy, Triple Spicy 辣味分成3等级:原味、加辣、特辣 Ingredients 成份: chili, pepper, cumin, star anise, bay leaf, garlic, ginger, cooking oil 辣椒,花椒,小茴香,八角,月桂叶,大蒜,姜,食用油 Serving Suggestions百搭醬:  hot pot, dried noodles, pasta, f..
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Brand: Herbs n Fruit
Ginger Garlic Vinegar Lemon Honey Tonic [295ml]. This formulation contains traditional herbs which work in synergy in Heart Health. The natural ingredients which are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties make a powerful home remedy tonic to bring out your healthier side. it is a..
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Ginger PasteGinger Paste is an ancient herbal remedy for a host of ailments.Protective against heart disease Improve blood circulationAlleviate headaches, Menstrual crampsSore musclesImmune supportCancer preventionImprove blood sugar control Ingredient: Fresh Ginger, Brown Sugar, Red ..
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Brand: Song's Deli
Product DescriptionHomemade Lei Cha paste (soup), just need to add HOT Water for aromatic and smooth-thick lei cha soup.  Made from fresh herbs and natural ingredients. A simple way to prepare your very own 'signature' lei cha.  Family RecipeMy family loves lei cha. It has been a great way..
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