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Brand: Jowae
JOWAEBody and Hair Nourishing Dry Oil_100ml99% of natural origin ingredients. Dry oil for body and hair. Nourishes and soothes. Enriched with antioxidant Lumiphenols, which helps restore skin balance, Camellia Oil, rich in fatty acids and omega 9 & a nourishing complex of Argan and Sunflow..
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Body WashTypeDescrptionDaily CleanseRegenerates and daily cleansing formula for all skin type with scent of lavender, sweet orange and peppermint essential oil. Enriched with Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, Hazelnut Oil.  ice Bran Oil - Rice Bran Carrier Oil improves circulation, evens out skin ton..
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Brand: Hanna Ancient
Calming & Relaxing OilCalm down from a hectic day and busy work schedule with a carefully selected mixture of Natural Oil, Pure Lavender Essential Oil and Cedarwood Essential Oil. With just a few drops, you’ll be ready for a restful, and relaxing night.Gently rub the oil on the back of your ..
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Calming Chamomille Breastmilk Soap (Customade) Calming Chamomille Breastmilk Soap (Customade)
Byansoap Calming Chamomille Breastmilk Soap (Customade) We all know that breastmilk is a precious golden drop for mother and ultimately, the best source of nutrition for feeding babies. Every mommy are determined to give their babies the best! Mommies usually store thei..
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Calming Chamomille Oatmeal Bastille Soap for Baby Calming Chamomille Oatmeal Bastille Soap for Baby
BYANS Handmade SoapCalming Chamomille Oatmeal Bastille Soap for BabyDescription:What is bastille? Bastille is soap made with 70% (or more) Olive Oil and contains other oils or butter.Olive Oil is the main ingredient recommended for many moisturizing handmade soaps. The most widely known fe..
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Brand: Medella
Medella TouchCrazy Rich Coconut Bar Soap (90g)Handmade from the freshest ingredients possible, our virgin coconut oil bar soap deeply cleanses the skin. It's even safe as a hair and face wash!Premium quality: 65% VCO contentGreat as face, body and hair washMoisturises & rejuvenates skinEffective..
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Brand: DR.V
DR. V SO PURE BODY WASH 750mlSO PURE 750ML SULPHATE & PARABEN FREE BODY WASH Extra gentle sulphate-free luxurious foam developed for Sensitive Skin to gently cleanse your body while leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and well hydrated. This pampering non-drying body wash is abundant with ..
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Brand: Jowae
JOWAEFace & Body Soothing Repairing Balm_40ml99% of ingredients of natural origin. A specific care, suitable for the entire family. Ideal for severe dryness, micro-chapping, flaking, discomfort and tautness. Enriched with Lumiphenols and Centella Asiatica, a medicinal plant k..
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Green Clay Soap Green Clay Soap
BYANS Handmade SoapGreen Clay SoapDescription:Natural Handcrafted Face and Body Soap Green Clay has a fine texture and famous with its deep skin detoxifying by drawing out impurities. The combination of Green Clay and oils selection making this soap a good fit for combination skin.  This n..
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Hand WashAntibacterial, hydrating and refreshing formula with scent of Grapefruit essential oil. Enriched with Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil and Hazelnut Oil. Rice Bran Oil - Rice Bran Carrier Oil improves circulation, evens out skin tone, and minimizes the appearance of dark circles and puffiness..
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Brand: Hillton
Hillton IZUMI Furano’s Hair & Skin Shampoo 250ML 产品简介 : 原日本生产进口 熏衣草油 甜橙油 蓖麻油 味道 与触感都非常高级 。 给敏感肌肤宝宝用 , 建议大人用与 头发 头皮更好 。 进口精油 与 制作原料都属 更高品质 与加强版 。 零色素 零防腐 (一打开建议 3 个月里用完) 零皂碱 零塑料 Hillton IZUMI Furano’s Hair & Skin Shampoo 250ML Lavandula Melange , Wake up to the fresh s..
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Brand: Hillton
Hillton IZUMI Her Hair Cleanser 250ML Made by Japan Farm of Shimane ‘s Amai Orenjiremongurasu Oil , blended with transitional formulation of both fine lemongrass and shimane orange oil . Control frequent hair falls of women Balance to Scalp refreshing Ease to Eczema Skin Ideal to Medium t..
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