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Handmade Rojak Sauce [Duo Set] Handmade Rojak Sauce [Duo Set]
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GrandPa's Taste Handmade Rojak Sauce Spicy [Duo Set]Since 1985, each ingredient of [GrandPa Rojak Sauce] is carefully sourced in order to maintain its unique flavors & textures. To our passionate friends who enjoy eating “Rojak”, you now get to indulge in the nostalgic “taste of home” even ..
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Handmade Rojak Sauce [Original x 4] Handmade Rojak Sauce [Original x 4]
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GrandPa's TasteHandmade Rojak Sauce [Original x4]Since 1985, each ingredient of [GrandPa Rojak Sauce] is carefully sourced in order to maintain its unique flavors & textures. To our passionate friends who enjoy eating “Rojak”, you now get to indulge in the nostalgic “taste of home” even while be..
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Brand: Ojisang
Ojisang 4 in 1 Combo Natural SeasoningProduct Description OJISANG Natural Seasoning has no MSG, preservatives, or other chemical substances, and is packaged in a lead-free glass container. Flavouring is possible done at any time and in any place. Don't be afraid to cook at home, order meals, or..
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ML Food Soy Sauce - Traditional Chinese Bean Paste Why buy ML Food Soy Sauce? Our soy sauce are naturally brewed using traditional methods with basic ingredients: non-GMO soya bean, cane sugar, wheat flour, sea salt and filtered water. Strictly no added coloring, flavor enhancers and prese..
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Brand: Nyolike
Nyolike Anchovy SaucesYou may now enjoy your favourite sambal without leaving your house with Nyolike Anchovy Sambal. This ready-to-use cooking paste is produced from all-natural, high-quality ingredients. Nyolike Anchovies Sambal has a spicy and sweet flavour with a hint of anchovy flavour. Suitabl..
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Brand: Nyolike
Asam Laksa PasteNyolike Asam Laksa Paste serves delectable and genuine Malay food to everybody. This ready-to-use cooking paste has a sweet, sour and spicy flavour, as well as a very deep fish flavour. The Nyolike Asam Laksa Paste could be used to make Asam Laksa Soup, Fry, or Steam Seafood.How to c..
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Sarangyan Assam Pedas SaucesIn Malaysia, the assam pedas as known as hot and sour sauce is a popular condiment made with spices such as ginger blossom, galangal, lemongrass, red onions, pepper, belacan, tamarind asam gelugur or asam keping, laksa leaves. Tamarind asam slices are the key component of..
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Sarangyan Bak Kut Teh (53g)Bak-kut-teh is a herbal soup dish popular among Hokkien immigrant groups in Malaysia. It is widely assumed to have originated in Klang. Bak Kut Teh is famous in Malaysia and Singapore, where there is a large Hokkien population.At its most basic, the dish consists of juicy ..
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Sarangyan Chicken Curry SauceThe primary components of a traditional Malaysian curry meal are chicken, potatoes, curry powder, carrots, and onions. It tastes savoury and fresh, somewhat sweet but spicy, and has a unique curry flavour. The majority of Malaysia curry chicken recipes have a unique pung..
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Brand: Nyolike
Nyolike Chicken Rice PasteNyolike Chicken Rice Paste comes with three easy-to-follow cooking directions to help you make your favourite chicken rice dinner at home. This ready-to-use cooking paste has a fragrant lemongrass flavour that everyone will appreciate, as well as a powerful ginger fragrance..
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Brand: Nyolike
Nyolike Chili Bean PasteChilli bean paste originated in Sichuan, China. It's frequently used in popular Chinese stir-fry dishes like Mapo Tofu and Hunan Chicken. There are two kinds: hot and non-spicy. This salty paste is produced from fermented broad beans, soybeans, rice, salt, and other spices. T..
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Brand: Medella
MEDELLA COCONUT COOKING OILA physically steam refined 100% natural premium coconut cooking oil which has no added chemicals, solvents or additives. Not hydrogenated which means no trans-fats! Suitable for deep heat cooking and frying with neutral flavour and aroma. Flavour and aroma of coconut neutr..
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