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Brand: Benns Ethicoa
Benns Ethicoa - Chocolate ButtonsDescription:Calinan - 72% Dark Chocolate ButtonsCacao beans are sourced directly from the northwest Calinan districtof Davao City, Philippines. Known as the cacao capital, Davao produces80% of the nation’s cacao. The wet cacao beans are fermented and sun-dr..
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Brand: Benns Ethicoa
Benns Ethicoa - Chocolate Coated Cacao NibsSungai Ruan, MalaysiaCacao nibs may be small but they are full of big surprises! Nibs refer to the inner fruit of the cacao bean. As it is the rawest edible form of chocolate (i.e. the least processed cacao product), it retains the most antioxidan..
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Brand: Medella
MEDELLA ORGANIC COCONUT SUGAR (250g)Medella Organic Coconut Sugar is a natural unrefined sweetener harvested from the sap of the flower blossom of the coconut tree. Unlike other regular sugar, Medella Organic Coconut Sugar has a lower glycemic index which means a slower absorption of sugar into your..
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Brand: Medella
Medella Pacific Series Wholemeal Coconut Flour With TestaProduct DescriptionLow-carb, gluten-free flour made from 100% natural and pure mature coconuts handpicked and processed in the Solomon Islands. Coconut meat is ground in water and sieved dry to remove moisture. It is then dried and further gro..
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Veggie Pancake [Pumpkin] + Pudding Premix [Creme Brulee] Veggie Pancake [Pumpkin] + Pudding Premix [Creme Brulee]
-9 % -9 %
Double HappinessVeggie Pancake [Pumpkin] + Pudding Premix [Creme Brulee]Include:Veggie Pancake [Pumpkin]Pudding Premix [Creme Brulee]VEGGIE PANCAKE [Pumpkin]Description: Highlight: - No Chemical Addition - No Preservatives - No Baking Powder - No Artificial Colour - No Salt - No Yeast -..
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