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Jolly Belly

Brand: Jolly Belly
Callfo Anion Protection Mask PM 2.5 Effective Filtering, 5 layers Layer Protection- enable to release negative ionsHigh AnionEnvironmental FriendlyWashable and reusable Suitable for adults and children. Tested by Zhejiang Light Industrial Products Inspection & Research Instit..
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Button Sewing Box Button Sewing Box
2-3 Days
Brand: Jolly Belly
Button Sewing BoxFashionable and beautiful box design.6 items in a box includes:24 assorted needles Needle threaderThimbleSoft measuring tapeScissorsStorage box 18 sewing thread (assorted colours)Size: 13cm x 13cm x 6.5cmWeight: 200g产品用途:这款针线盒在外观上采用纽扣造型,剪刀及辅料有序排放,18卷线整齐收纳,一目了然。材料..
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Brand: Jolly Belly
Cap Keluarga Beras Import Beras Keluarga TWR contains a high concentration of vitamins B1, B2, and iron. It features grains that are long, transparent, and white in appearance. When cooked, the texture becomes firm and the rice becomes soft, delicious, and ideal for everyone to consume. The gre..
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Family Care Pack [Combo A]
-9 %
Brand: Jolly Belly
Family Care Pack [Combo A]Package includes:1. Multi Active 75% Alcohol Sanitizer Pump (Liquid) 500ml *12. Multi Active 70% Alcohol Sanitizer Pump (Gel) 500ml *13. Multi Active 75% Alcohol Sanitizer Pump (Liquid) 50ml *24. Multi Active 70% Alcohol Sanitizer Pump (Gel) 50ml *2..
RM68.00 RM75.00
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Family Care Pack [Combo B]
-8 %
Brand: Jolly Belly
Family Care Pack [Combo B]Package includes:1. Multi Active 75% Alcohol Sanitizer Pump (Liquid) 3L *12. Multi Active 75% Alcohol Sanitizer Pump (Liquid) 500ml *14. Multi Active 75% Alcohol Sanitizer Pump (Liquid) 60ml *2FREE 75% Alcohol Wipes x 1 pack (80S) (Worth RM 12.90)Descrip..
RM108.00 RM116.90
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Jolly Homemade Noodles Sets
-20 %
Brand: Jolly Belly
Jolly Homemade Noodles SetsSet Include:【Pics Noodle】Handmade Noodle *4 packs - Can choose flavour (Traditional Handmade Noodles / Sea Birdnest Noodle)【ML Food Soy Sauce】AA Light Soy Sauce *450ml【ML Food Soy Sauce】Supreme Thick Soy Sauce *300mlFREE Ojisang  *3 packs x 8g (Ran..
RM45.00 RM56.00
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Brand: Jolly Belly
Limited Edition Tote BagPre-orderLimited Edition Tote Bag designed by Local Doodle Artist Amesab. For every products you purchase, Jolly Belly has pledged to donate RM10 to SCAS (Second Chance Animal Society) and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in conjunction with our *Take Me Home Campaign".Delivery ..
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Personal Hygiene Kit Personal Hygiene Kit
-23 %
Brand: Jolly Belly
Personal Hygiene KitPackage include: Multi Active 75% Alcohol Sanitizer Pump (Liquid) 50ml  Multi Active 70% Alcohol Sanitizer Pump (Gel) 50ml  HYGINKLEEN Multi Surface Sanitizing Alcohol Wipes  Premium Silicone bag FOC - Face Mask Holder  ..
RM19.90 RM25.90
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Brand: Jolly Belly
Wheat Fiber Square Lunch BoxDetails: .Natural & Eco-friendly with wheat fiber.Leak proof design with elastic sealing ring.More convenient with cutlery attaching on a lid.2 compartments can be separate the food.Available in microwaveNotice: Lids are not advisable to use in microwaveSize: 600..
Ex Tax:RM25.00
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