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Ginger plays a huge role in Chinese home remedies, especially in winter and summer seasons. Generally, it helps with the below benefits:Fight against coldRelieve menstrual discomfortRelieve morning sicknessAddress indigestion & flatulenceStrengthen immunity & nourish bloodWarms body & re..
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Homemade Bentong Ginger PasteGinger Paste is an ancient herbal remedy for a host of ailments.Protective against heart disease Improve blood circulationAlleviate headaches, Menstrual crampsSore musclesImmune supportCancer preventionImprove blood sugar control Ingredient: Fresh Ginger, ..
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Homemade Sambal Chilli SauceProduct DescriptionThese delicious Chilli sauce make by selected ingredients, the Chilli, Garlic, onion and variety of spice and herbs. 100% Fresh and Natural Homemade Sauces  with No preservatives -No artificial colour -No artificial flavourDeliver to entire Ma..
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