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Herbs n Fruit

Brand: Herbs n Fruit
Cinnamon Jam Spread [220g]This healthy yet delicious, aromatic Apple Cinnamon Jam is specially formulated and handmade with health-conscious customers in mind. Made using 100% natural ingredients without a single drop of chemical additives, preservatives and coloring. It is available in 2 options : ..
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Brand: Herbs n Fruit
Ginger Garlic Vinegar Lemon Honey Tonic [295ml]. This formulation contains traditional herbs which work in synergy in Heart Health. The natural ingredients which are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties make a powerful home remedy tonic to bring out your healthier side. it is a..
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Brand: Herbs n Fruit
Homemade Ginger Tea with Jujube, Goji Berry & Molasses 300gm This aromatic handmade No-Sugar-Added herbal drink is specially made with health-conscious customers in mind. It is made using only fresh and natural ingredients without a single drop of chemical additives.  It will only be m..
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Brand: Herbs n Fruit
Lemon Chuan Bei Tangerine Tea Paste [340g] This refreshing Lemon Chuan Bei Tea is homemade using all-natural, organic ingredients, without a single drop of chemical additives and preservatives. It is effectively and traditionaly used for : Treating cough Reduce phlegm Improve dig..
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Brand: Herbs n Fruit
 Premium Low-Sugar SpreadFreshly made as soon as a confirmed order is received. Made using 100% natural ingredients, without adding harmful chemical preservatives, additives, or the unhealthy hydrogenated vege oil.FlavourDescriptionEARL GREY MILK SPREAD [200g]This is definitely for Earl Grey te..
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