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BLOSSOM Complete Care Box

BLOSSOM Complete Care Box
BLOSSOM Complete Care Box
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Complete Care Box (Day 20 pcs + Night 10 pcs + Liner 30 pcs)

Blossom Pads are especially designed to let your femininity blossom from the inside out. Every detail of the pads has been meticulously taken care of to pamper you: the resealable aluminium foil packaging and the full coverage wrapper minimize the risk of contamination; the expiry date is printed on each pack so you can rest assured that you are always well protected; the multi-layer structure and materials of premium quality make you feel comfortable, clean and fresh all the time; the core strip with Anions, Far Infra Red Rays, Active Oxygen and essential oils minimizes the discomfort during your periods and promote your well-being! Now, let your femininity Blossom – what could be a better way to pamper yourself?

Characteristics of Blossom Ultra Thin Day Use Pads:

  • With Goodness of Anions,FIR,Active Oxygen,Lavender,Cypress Oil and Mint Oil
  • Prevents Leakage or Backflo
  • Anti-Bacterial and Eliminates Odour
  • Dry and Fresh
  • Soft and Gentle on

Blossom Ultra Thin Day Use Pads consist of 8 layers:

1. Ultra soft and breathable cottony surface that gently cares for the delicate skin.

2. Adhesive strips secure pad in place for your ease and comfort.

3. Breathable back sheet dissipates dampness for a fresh, clean feel.

4. Air-laid dust-free layer wraps around SAP to channel fluid inward.SAP with superior fluid absorption and locking capability.

5. Unique padding for even distribution of fluid to prevent leakage.

6. Multi-mineral strip with Anions, Far Infrared Rays, Active Oxygen, Lavender, Cypress Oil and Mint Oil.

Package Contents:

  1. BLOSSOM Ultra Thin Day Use Wings Sanitary Pad 240mm *20 pads
  2. BLOSSOM Nite Use Ultrathin Wing Sanitary Pad 280mm *10 pads

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