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Concentrate Series

Concentrate Series
Concentrate Series
Concentrate Series
Concentrate Series
Concentrate Series
Concentrate Series
Concentrate Series
Concentrate Series
Concentrate Series
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Concentrate Series

Concentrates acts as boosters that solve specific skin issues.        

Our Concentrates primarily consists of natural plant extracts; they are different from our Anti-Blue Light Series, but mixing up your skincare routine with products from ArctaPHOS’s different series will lead to a more enhanced and solid skincare routine. There are multi-action to provide better skincare solutions.    

Our Concentrates contain a higher amount of active ingredients than our other series. It is results-oriented and delivers quicker results.

Concentrate Series

Lifting, Firming & Anti-Wrinkles

(For mature skin)

This Concentrate combines both mechanical and biological forces to fight aging skin. The result? Immediate lifting and firming effects within 30 minutes of application. Long-term use of this Concentrate includes minimized wrinkle depth and better moisture-retention in your skin. Before long, you’ll be experiencing the coveted V-lifting effect and enjoy selfie-ready skin!

Refining, Purifying & Oil Control

(For oily or acne-prone skin)

This non-greasy concentrate reduces the appearance of skin blemishes and balances oily skin. It is formulated with Salicylic Acid and 10 different plant extracts to tackle skin imperfection. It can be used on its own or mixed with other skincare products.

Renewing, Lightening & Brightening

(For dull and uneven skin)

This non-greasy concentrate provides a SMART brightening effect on your skin. It works by gently exfoliating and renewing your skin with natural fruit acids while Vitamin C brightens the skin and enhances fairness. This concentrate also contains a unique and rare ingredient – Boeravinone, which helps even skin tone and minimize the appearance of spots. It can be used on its own or mixed with other skincare products.
Repairing, Illuminating & Deep Moisturizing (Targets dry, scaly or mature skin)
This concentrate is primarily made of Squalane, which is obtained through the fermentation of sugarcane. Squalane is a powerful emollient that can reduce water loss in skin and restore skin suppleness. This ultra-moisturizing concentrate also repairs and increases the luminosity of your skin, leaving you with a more youthful look.

Concentrate Series
Skin Benefit
Lifting, Firming & Anti-Wrinkles
1. Enhances skin firmness
2. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
3. V-lifting effect
4. Enhances skin hydration
V-LIFTING & FIRMING: Bacillus Ferment is an active ingredient from the deep ocean that recharges the skin to provide immediate lifting and firming effects.
BEAUTY FILTER: Enriched with Acetyl Hexapeptide-1, this concentrate minimizes expression lines.
WRINKLE-REDUCING: Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract and Bacillus Ferment are a formidable duo in minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Refining, Purifying & Oil Control
1. Minimize pores
2. Control’s shine on skin
3. Reduces blemishes
REFINES SKIN: Burdock and Watercress extracts minimizes pores and improves skin’s texture.
REDUCE BREAKOUTS & BLEMISHES: Formulated with pharmaceutical-grade Tea Tree Oil that purifies and improves acne-prone skin.
SEBUM BALANCE: Lotus flower extract balances sebum production, minimizes pores and reduces skin’s oiliness.
Renewing, Lightening & Brightening
1. Boosts skin’s radiance
2. Brightens skin
3. Restores uneven skin tone
RENEWING: Multiple natural fruit acids promote skin renewal, leaving skin looking more radiant and smooth.
LIGHTENING: Boeravinone is an active component of Boerhavia Diffusa Root Extracts, which minimizes the appearance of spots and improves skin tone.
BRIGHTENING: Stabilized Vitamin C brightens and enhances skin fairness.
Repairing, Illuminating & Deep Moisturizing
1.Enhances skin’s radiance
2. Moisturizes and hydrates skin
3. Softer skin
REPAIRING & ANTIOXIDANT: Argan and Chia Seed oil are skin superfoods that provide antioxidants and nutrients to your skin.
LUMINOSITY: Premium marine ingredients containing polysaccharides, minerals and amino acids help improve skin complexion.
DEEPLY MOISTURIZES & SMOOTHENS SKIN: High concentration of Squalane reduces water loss in skin, thus improving skin hydration and elasticity.

*ArctaPHOS’s concentrates include: Purifying/Oil Control, Brightening/Renewing, Repairing/Deep Moisturize, and Anti-Aging/Lifting.

How to use:

Apply 2-3 drops of the concentrate onto your face and neck daily. Gently massage until fully absorbed. It can also be used with other skin care products. for better results, use daily, both in the mornings, and evenings after applying ArctaPHOS's Tonic Lotion and Multi-Protect Day Moisturizer or Night Repair.

Pack Size: 8ml x 4 bottels

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