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Original Tapioca Chips

Original Tapioca Chips
Original Tapioca Chips
Original Tapioca Chips
Original Tapioca Chips
Original Tapioca Chips
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Family Bite

Tapioca Chips CNY Bundle Set

Family Bite is a home-grown snack company in Malaysia specialises in our local hero snacks - tapioca chips. We aim to bring this traditional all-time favourite by reinterpreting the conventional snacks with contemporary taste inspired by modern culinary flavours. Enjoy varieties, have fun, feeling awesome, as you munch on our tapioca chips.

Tapioca chips are made from the finest quality tapioca, deep-fried using pure non-hydrogenated palm oil, and lastly seasoned with all-natural spices, seriously irresistible!

Tapioca chips naturally absorb less fat. Therefore, it delivers a crunchier texture in comparison with regular potato chips.

  • Fresh from Farm to You
  • Crunchier Texture
  • 2 x Fibre vs potato chips
  • Contemporary Taste
  • 100% Deliciousness Packed
  • All Natural
  • Halal Certified

Bundle Set includes:

1. Original Tapioca Chips

2. Salted Egg Tapioca Chips

3. Mala Lobster Tapioca Chips


The classic taste, we rather keep it original. Adding the king of all tastes – salt.

Ingredient: Fresh tapioca, salt and palm olein

Shelf Life: 6 months

Packaging: Bottle

Weight: +- 130g/bottle

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